Wedding Cake of Corruption


All "results" that the media reports on the polls is pure distortion.

Here's why:

An order from the very top of the cake is given to minions in the layer directly below them.

If the order is a demand to commit an action of fraud, the minion must comply. Because that minion has (in the past) already been the recipient of a favor (a plum job, a pay raise without merit, a bribe, etc). This favor makes them beholden (and extremely loyal) to the level above them.

Along the way down, each level adds their own tiny % increase on the demand so as to "over-deliver" on the promise to their direct supervisor/caretaker. So the cumulative effect would result in an overblown delivery.

For example...If Hillary demanded a 10% skewing of results, by the time the order reached the level of poll takers, the demand could have become "20% skewing of results.

It is all trickle-down corruption.
TOO many people, at
TOO many levels, have received
TOO many favors, OR
TOO much graft, for far
TOO long.

"LOYALTY to the MACHINE" always outweighs "LOYALTY to the US CITIZENS"

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