The Night Before

On the evening of 9/10/2001, I was driving home to our condo in Guttenberg, NJ and the rain was literally a monsoon. Now, ever the adventurer, I'd always loved treacherous weather. I found driving through it to be a thrilling challenge; a test of skill and nerves; or just a welcomed change of pace from the mundane. And New York City drivers, like me, loved this kind of stuff!

But things were different this time.

For the first time in my life I was truly terrified by the weather.. The gloomy reaction was probably related to having become a 1st-time father just 10 weeks earlier. When I arrived home safely, all I wanted to do was hold my newborn son.

Shortly after midnight (right about this exact time, actually) I was cradling him in our giant bed. Peaceful, sleeping, beautiful, infant son. Lying on my side and rubbing his little back I began bawling uncontrollably. Talking to my wife about my fears for our child and wondering what kind of dangerous world this poor kid would have to grow up in. I could not stop crying for over an hour.

Several hours later I received a call to walked the 50 yards to our Hudson River promenade. The WTC towers were burning.

1) Why did I have such a vivid premonition of doom that night?
2) And how could the morning sky have been so clear, crisp and amazing after the prior evening's treachery.

These are two questions for which only GOD knows the answers..

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