The All-State Guy

We all know why All-State Insurance keeps pushing the All-State guy. After what seems like an eternity (16 years), this cat is still going strong.

Pure & Simple: It is virtue-signaling and Political Correctness.

All-State is run by Liberal Zealots.
To them, the majority of Americans are just dumb white folks who need an hourly dosage of racial sensitivity training to re-calibrate our white privilege.

Eventually we are all supposed to feel better about ourselves by letting the authoritative-sounding black man (with a deep voice) talk down to us 30 times a day. He knows more about everything than we could possibly ever hope to understand. He is like god on Earth. Like Obama.

The "Obama syndrome" in perpetuity.

Most TV spokesmen have a shelf-life of 3-5 years. Longer if they are playing themselves in more serious situations. Actor Dennis Haysbert has been doing this tired gig since 2003. 16 years is unheard of, especially when it is just a running joke. Jokes get tired after 2 or 3 years. So something else is going on here.

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