Space X Explosion


Disaster, thy name is "Obama"

The Space X explosion on September 3, 2016 was a perfect example of what Affirmative Action (AA) yields.
It is failure at the most spectaular level.
Obama calls it: "Muslim Outreach"
I call it: "One buffoonish narcissist's impetuous indulgence of an idealogical fetish."

Were you all aware that N.A.S.A. is now just a dumbed-down shell of its former self, and why?
Because Obama just needed to re-staff the very top of this hallowed organization with his hand-picked charity cases. He wanted to link his name to JFK's for future generations to behold.

While this rocket failure was a "privately-funded" endeavor, it took place at NASA's Cape Canaveral in Florida; and there is no denying this episode was likely due to the organizational changes initiated by EXECUTIVE FIAT, by an imbecile charlatan, with absolutely NO scientific background.

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