On the Complexities of Oliver Stone

I agree that Oliver Stone is a genius.

But his oeuvre is filled with odd contradictions that oscillate between socially significant to wastefully self-indulgent.

For me, Wall Street, The Doors, Any Given Sunday, Talk Radio are his best.
Like most folks, I have not see all 20 of his films (perhaps 11 or so).

I was not a particular fan of either of his Viet Nam films. The liberal marketing push for both of those films bordered on sleazy. Often heralded as the "First great Viet Nam film ever", Platoon is far from it. The Odd Angry Shot (1999 Australia) and Apocalypse Now (1999) beat him by 7 years, followed by the the excellent mini-series A Rumor of War (1980 US).
But you'd never know it because of Orion pix' nauseating Politically Correct promotion machine.

I refused to pay a dime to see either of his anti-conservative hit-pieces on Nixon or GWB.

Personally, Natural Born Killers was a complete mess. And I stormed out halfway through it. I had no interest in wading through Stone's never-ending mosaic of wanton criminality and personal demonic fetishes. It also permanently destroyed Woody Harrelson as an actor. For me, Harrelson became another Linda Blair as I could never un-see the visual depravity which he so relished in this role.

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