Whoopi's "liberal implosion outrage" is a trifecta of embarrassment, anger & denial.
Like a boy when mom finds his porno mags.

When I talk to a liberal that I care about, I try to walk them back to the origin of the Great Divide.

I try to explain how political correctness (social marxism) was introduced into our society 50 years ago and that the breakdown of civil debate is based up that. Everything else is just Fall-out, By-Product or After-shocks.

I ask them:
1) Why do you think we have Fox News Today?
2) And why do you think we have Donald Trump as POTUS?

My friend today mocked me for trying to help him understand that 50% of Americans were left without a voice after 50 years of PC. I explained that the media is controlled by liberals and that PC shames the rare conservative who might work at the top of those companies from opening their mouths...for fear of career suicide. He just didn't get it.

He was cynical, combative and refused to hear me out. He insulted DT many times. So sad.

I even made a business case for Comcast/NBC to steal some of Fox News' market share by launching their own conservative channel. After all, in business, you don't just let your competition win without a fight. It is this exact reluctance by NBC and others that points to a cabal of leftists in major media companies who are willing to lose money to remain loyal to "the Cause".
I tried to address the hidden agenda of Obama's sealed background and how ridiculous it is that an applicant for an internship at the White House gets more closely scrutinized than a POTUS candidate. Surely something is amiss, right?

But all he could answer with was an attempt to shame/ridicule me with: "Are you a 'birther'?"
It's so typical of them to refute/disarm a valid set of questions with a synthesized 'epithet'. A fucking bumper-sticker-slogan.

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