Film Review: Silverado (1985)

I just realized that I have attempted nearly 8 times over the years but have never been able to watch Lawrence Kasdan's SILVERADO (1985) all the way through. Something about it never seemed quite right to me. And then I got to thinking last night: "Hmmm. A western that has ONLY liberals in the cast doesn't feel like and authentic western to me."

The cast is a bunch of lightweights and Commies.
Danny Glover? Kevin Kline? Jeff Goldblum? Linda Hunt? Roseanna Arquette?
And Scott Glenn, Brian Dennehy and Kevin Costner are all liberals pretending to be conservative tough guys. If you were opening a Pizzeria, would you hire a bunch of vegan chefs?

So, I had it on for over 90 minutes last night. I just listened to it as I was blogging and it DID NOT EVEN SOUND LIKE a Western. Just a lot of preachy, touchy-feely crap about feelings and do-goody liberal bull-shit. 2 hours of pure virtue-signaling.

The characters talked like Ivy League lawyers about the horrors of all sorts of discrimination.
A horse opera with modern-day "woke" morality.
Like an episode of West Wing in 1880s cowboy costumes.

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