Back in 2010, I recall watching the NFL Network's countdown of the Top 100 greatest players of all time. The most memorable of these segments for me was that of Barry Sanders, presented by jazz musician Wynton Marsalis whose commentary was metaphoric heaven.

Marsalis compared Sanders to a virtuoso jazz musician, calling him "the ultimate improvisor", a metaphysical genius who could perform 'in the moment' without thinking in that same moment. Listening to the eloquent commentary itself was equally metaphysical for the viewer. I don't think I'd ever experienced that before, or since.

Barry Sanders said of himself: "I tried to perfect the skill of trying to make people miss".

This was the essence of Sanders' greatness: Feints, fakes, deceptions, stutter-steps, reversals, spins....all of them were instantaneous moments of perfection buried deep within his subconscious repertoire. His arsenal of jazz notes.

The video is only 5 minutes. I promise... it is worth it.


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