Amerigo Bonasera and Washington DC

There are two key scenes in the Godfather which demonstrate how a corrupt system works.

1) In the opening scene of the film, Amerigo Bonasera (the local undertaker) asks Don Corleone for a favor of revenge against the thugs who raped his daughter. After pledging his loyalty to the Don, Bonasera is assured the request will be granted. As Bonasera leaves Tom Hagen gives him the ground rules for his indebtedness..."One day, and that day may never come, your Don may call upon you for a favor..."

2) Years later, after Sonny is brutally murdered, Don Corleone tells Tom Hagen to "Call Bonasera. I'm going to need him now".
Tom picks up the phone and calls Bonasera at his funeral parlor and reminds him "Now, you owe your Don a favor..."

This is exactly how a corrupt political system works.

And you can tell who has been corrupted by the way they treat Donald Trump.

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