Liberal Feminists

Don't you just laugh at those repressed, obedient, feminist dweebs who hates being called Ma'am, Toots, Sugar Britches, Honey Buns, Sweetie, Babe, Kitten, etc in the workplace because she finds it demeaning, uncomfortable and the ultimate in female objectification? And a total violation of her safe space?

But once she gets home the whips and dildos come flying out of the closet, she straps on her sexy heels and she's ready to serve her master, the MAN in her life. When he gets home from a hard day's work she's already on her knees (where she knows she should be).

Feminism is such a bullshit state of mind. A total ruse used to intimidate people for usurpation of personal power & glory.

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Hillary Knew She Was Going to Lose

Two nights before election night, Hillary Clinton knew she was going to lose.

How do i know this?

Because I live on the Hudson River across from W79th Street and on Sunday evening (Nov 6th, 2016) two large barges across from my house began setting off hundreds of explosive charges, but without the projectiles, so no aerial explosions.

It went on for 20 minutes (about the same length as an actual fireworks show).

Hillary ordered them canceled 48 hours in advance of election night.

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Prayer for President Trump

I wrote this prayer for Donald Trump exactly 16 months ago.
(July 11, 2015). I think he still needs it. Every day.

Please Lord,

Help this man (our NEW PRESIDENT) to survive the slings and arrows of nefarious enemies.

Protect him as he delivers his message, awakens the ignorant, emboldens the fearful, gives hope to the downtrodden and unites Americans of all backgrounds with the simple mission of returning our country to the symbol of greatness that has been the envy of the world since 1776.

Nicholas Psaltos

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Gerrymander Electoral College

Congress needs to Gerrymander Electoral votes within CA, NY, VA, FL, IL, PA and Northeast states.

Too many RED counties are being left out of final Electoral input.
So these other states need to be treated like Maine and Nebraska (which do allow for split votes).

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Mandatory Conscription

How to Save this (and future) generations?
Reinstate mandatory military conscription for all.
But also offer alternative choices like Junior Army, Young Marines and Boy Scouts for high schoolers.
And expand the ROTC choices for college students.

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A huge "Thank You" to every blogger for helping Donald Trump achieve this amazing and important victory.

Your efforts were monumental.
This has become one of the most rewarding events in our lifetimes.
And we each contributed to it.

I've learned so much from each of you.
Every citizen who blogged, cursed, laughed, cried, lost sleep, etc.
We picked each other up when we were down.
It was a huge team effort.

So, congrats to, and God Bless, us all.
Enjoy this for a few days.
But then re-engage your tenacity.
Because the fight is NOT over.
It will NEVER be over.
Remain diligent.

As Winston Churchill said:

"This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end.
But it is, perhaps, the End of the Beginning."

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Vladimir Putin Congratulates Trump

Vladimir Putin immediately congratulated President-Elect Trump, by Telegram.

Why is Putin thrilled that Donald Trump won this election?

Because Vladi is a sage historian who pines for the return of a strong America. Stong America keeps the world in equilibrium, especially Western culture and civilization.

Europe can now free itself to reinstate its glory as an amicable group of individual sovereignties and competitive neighbors.

Vladi also knows Globalism is an evil concept invented by corrupt, feckless, greedy and sinister socialist power usurpers.

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Brainwashing Socialist Pop Song, Summer of 1985


In the Summer of 1985, I heard this catchy (but creepy) song playing EVERYWHERE in Europe as I backpacked across the continent.

"Life is Life", by Opus

It is a simple, platitudinous catch phrase, repeated over and over.
A musical tool for brainwashing.
Although clearly evil to me, the EuroKids ate this shit up.
They were all prisoners to this noise and Stockholm Syndrome took root.

It was my first glimpse at Globalism, although the term had no meaning at that time. It helped me understand that Europeans had very socialist leanings which DID NOT mesh w American values.

And I heard it again each time I went to to Europe after that--for the next 20+ years.

They probably still play it today.

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Amerigo Bonasera and Washington DC

There are two key scenes in the Godfather which demonstrate how a corrupt system works.

1) In the opening scene of the film, Amerigo Bonasera (the local undertaker) asks Don Corleone for a favor of revenge against the thugs who raped his daughter. After pledging his loyalty to the Don, Bonasera is assured the request will be granted. As Bonasera leaves Tom Hagen gives him the ground rules for his indebtedness..."One day, and that day may never come, your Don may call upon you for a favor..."

2) Years later, after Sonny is brutally murdered, Don Corleone tells Tom Hagen to "Call Bonasera. I'm going to need him now".
Tom picks up the phone and calls Bonasera at his funeral parlor and reminds him "Now, you owe your Don a favor..."

This is exactly how a corrupt political system works.

And you can tell who has been corrupted by the way they treat Donald Trump.

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