Levendi, Mangas and Palikari

"Leventi" (Λευεντι) in Greek means "handsome one".

"Manga/Mangas" (Μανγγας)
In 1975-76, while I was in 8th Grade at the St. Spyridon Greek Parochial School in Washington Heights (NYC), the John Travolta disco look was in full swing and very popular among boner-stricken, 13-year-old, Greek males in search of hormonal success with the young ladies at our school socials.

In these situations, "manga" was a term we used a lot to complement each other at social events, but often in a mocking way. It's like calling the guy "Disco King" or "Mr. Saturday Night Fever" as a way of reckognizing the effort he put in to looking suave. The recipient is expected to be able to tell the difference--or simply interpret it the way they want. In either case, it is always given in good humor.

"Palikari" (Παλικαρι) is a word that is not easiily translated. It is probably the finest complement you could pay to a man. It has its roots in a word once used to describe the best of soldiers. So, it imbues: honorable, forthright, chivalrous, gentlemanly, manly, courageous, steadfast. Over time it has also been expanded to include a somewhat humourous meaning when directed at a youth:
(n) lad, ruffian, trouble-maker, roisterer, squirt, prankster.
(adj) loveable, impish, precious, devious, errant, wandering.

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Mushier Than...

After the past week's comments by victims of Hurricane Trump, I've come to realize that...

Some people's brains are mushier than it would get if you were eating a cotton-candy-flavored Dairy Queen® soft-serve ice cream sundae, under a puree of slightly over-ripe and super-sweet Chiquita® bananas, blanketed with tiny little Kraft® Jet-Puffed® miniature marshmallows, while lying in a warm bed, under a fluffy down comforter, wrapped in a My Little Pony®-themed Snuggie® at 11am on a school-day, watching a Teletubbies® marathon on Disney Jr.®

You know that feeling, right?

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Back in 2010, I recall watching the NFL Network's countdown of the Top 100 greatest players of all time. The most memorable of these segments for me was that of Barry Sanders, presented by jazz musician Wynton Marsalis whose commentary was metaphoric heaven.

Marsalis compared Sanders to a virtuoso jazz musician, calling him "the ultimate improvisor", a metaphysical genius who could perform 'in the moment' without thinking in that same moment. Listening to the eloquent commentary itself was equally metaphysical for the viewer. I don't think I'd ever experienced that before, or since.

Barry Sanders said of himself: "I tried to perfect the skill of trying to make people miss".

This was the essence of Sanders' greatness: Feints, fakes, deceptions, stutter-steps, reversals, spins....all of them were instantaneous moments of perfection buried deep within his subconscious repertoire. His arsenal of jazz notes.

The video is only 5 minutes. I promise... it is worth it.


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Veterans' Day

Dimitrios "James" Megris Psaltos, circa 1950
Age: 19 or 20

Served in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
During Korean Conflict
Stationed in Germany (Mannheim, I think) and France (outside of Paris).

Thank you for your service, Dad.
Love you and Miss you.

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Combat Readiness

OMG! Talk about "combat readiness"!

“Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.” — One of retired Gen. James Mattis' rules to live by.

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Taunting the Beast

This is what happens when you taunt a champion, dare him to win and ridicule his family and supporters.

Congratulations President Trump.

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The Man Who Accurately Read the Trump Phenomenon

To #DavidKaufman of the NY POST.

Terrific appearance on Fox News this today.
Your analysis of why people voted for Trump was refreshingly honest and sympathetic.

You heard our voices and spoke for us.
You validated our frustrations.
We were not motivated by racism-and you determined this as a fact.
We definitely felt left behind.
But this pain was exacerbated by the hordes who told us to shut up, called us racists and piled on more humiliation.

You delivered your findings unapologetically, confidently, reasonably and sympathetically.

Bravo, Sir.

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Liberal Feminists

Don't you just laugh at those repressed, obedient, feminist dweebs who hates being called Ma'am, Toots, Sugar Britches, Honey Buns, Sweetie, Babe, Kitten, etc in the workplace because she finds it demeaning, uncomfortable and the ultimate in female objectification? And a total violation of her safe space?

But once she gets home the whips and dildos come flying out of the closet, she straps on her sexy heels and she's ready to serve her master, the MAN in her life. When he gets home from a hard day's work she's already on her knees (where she knows she should be).

Feminism is such a bullshit state of mind. A total ruse used to intimidate people for usurpation of personal power & glory.

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Hillary Knew She Was Going to Lose

Two nights before election night, Hillary Clinton knew she was going to lose.

How do i know this?

Because I live on the Hudson River across from W79th Street and on Sunday evening (Nov 6th, 2016) two large barges across from my house began setting off hundreds of explosive charges, but without the projectiles, so no aerial explosions.

It went on for 20 minutes (about the same length as an actual fireworks show).

Hillary ordered them canceled 48 hours in advance of election night.

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