Defending the Bible

Niko's Defense of The Bible

The Bible by itself is not a religious text. It is used by religions as THEIR text but unto itself it can be analyzed and interpreted freely (and has) by even non-religious entities and scholars.

The use of the Bible in the framing of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution was as a reference to a Greater Being and to a code of ethics and morality (10 Commandments). Without this perception of a hierarchy every human would think that ONLY THEY matter...and that is a recipe for narcissism and social anarchy.

Sadly, ethics are not taught in schools any longer, although they once were. Doesn't matter if you believe in Religion or not, you need to have a moral code of ethics to guide you in your life. Otherwise, you are self-serving narcissist, a sociopath and a blight on society. This is common outcome in these times when people are growing up with no frame of reference for an ethical grounding.

So please stop with your knee-jerk slamming of the Bible simply because Hollywood has taught you it is "cool" (i hate that fucking word) to do so. Being/seeming/acting "cool" during your lifetime is not a recipe for a fulfilling life. It is a recipe for a meaningless, sociopathic and self-centered existence (see previous paragraph).

Find fulfillment in overcoming ethical challenges/dilemmas by adhering to the hard wrought, time-cured lessons from the ages.

If nothing else, just look at the Bible as the consummate collection of morality fables, pieced together over 5,000 years. You will see that history repeats itself and these adages are far more valuable than you are giving them credit for.