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BRIAN WILSON of the Beach Boys

Has there ever been a more innovative composer of popular melodies with uniquely unforgettable harmonies? And, whose genius arrangements employed a diversity of banal, everyday life sounds as musical instruments? And, whose work so few have attempted to emulate? Audiences LOVE his work. When we hear the distinct sound of Beach Boys music we stop what we are doing and sing along. It is compulsory. But the… View More


Brainwashing Socialist Pop Song, Summer of 1985

SOCIALIST BRAINWASHING POP-SONG In the Summer of 1985, I heard this catchy (but creepy) song playing EVERYWHERE in Europe as I backpacked across the continent. "Life is Life", by Opus It is a simple, platitudinous catch phrase, repeated over and over. A musical tool for… View More



Back in 2010, I recall watching the NFL Network's countdown of the Top 100 greatest players of all time. The most memorable of these segments for me was that of Barry Sanders, presented by jazz musician Wynton Marsalis whose commentary was… View More


Roger Ridley

Roger Ridley performing in Santa Monica shortly before died in 2005. In the 1990s Roger played on the NYC subway platforms and I used to watch him every day during my commute. I'd listen with tears in my eyes. No singer had more soul. I gave him tips each time. And I'd often miss my train… View More