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Levendi, Mangas and Palikari

"Leventi" (Λευεντι) in Greek means "handsome one". "Manga/Mangas" (Μανγγας) In 1975-76, while I was in 8th Grade at the St. Spyridon Greek Parochial School in Washington Heights (NYC), the John Travolta disco look was in full swing and very popular among boner-stricken, 13-year-old, Greek males in search of hormonal success with the young ladies at our school socials. In these situations, "manga" was a… View More


Greek, German and English

I was born and raised in US in a bi-lingual household (Greek & English). In high school I studied German and, to my teacher’s amazement, I picked up both the German language and the accent quite easily. I owe this to both my English AND Greek language fluency. The English connection is intuitive to make since it is a Germanic language. However, German doesn’t always come easy to native speakers of English. The reason… View More