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Prayer for President Trump

I wrote this prayer for Donald Trump exactly 16 months ago. (July 11, 2015). I think he still needs it. Every day. Please Lord, Help this man (our NEW PRESIDENT) to survive the slings and arrows of nefarious enemies. Protect him as he delivers his message, awakens the ignorant, emboldens the fearful, gives hope to the downtrodden and unites Americans of all backgrounds with the simple mission of returning our… View More



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A huge "Thank You" to every blogger for helping Donald Trump achieve this amazing and important victory. Your efforts were monumental. This has become one of the most rewarding events in our lifetimes. And we each contributed to it. I've learned so much from each of you. Every citizen who blogged, cursed, laughed, cried, lost sleep, etc. We picked each other up when we were down. It was a huge… View More


Vladimir Putin Congratulates Trump

Vladimir Putin immediately congratulated President-Elect Trump, by Telegram. Why is Putin thrilled that Donald Trump won this election? Because Vladi is a sage historian who pines for the return of a strong America. Stong America keeps the world in equilibrium, especially Western culture and civilization. Europe can now free itself to reinstate its glory as an amicable group of individual sovereignties and competitive… View More


The Man Who Accurately Read the Trump Phenomenon

To #DavidKaufman of the NY POST. Terrific appearance on Fox News this today. Your analysis of why people voted for Trump was refreshingly honest and sympathetic. You heard our voices and spoke for us. You validated our frustrations. We were not motivated by racism-and you determined this as a fact. We definitely felt left… View More