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Tsoureki (Greek Easter Sweet Bread) with traditional red eggs This is terrific with butter or cream cheese! … View More


Easter Lamb

Let's not forget the LAMB!!!!! Infiltrated everywhere with hidden cloves of garlic pierced deep into pockets in the meat before cooking. And plenty of salt on the skin! MMMMMM It starts getting eaten (while still rotating) by the chef and his pals as they drink their beer or ouzo. They keep slicing off chunks and some even get stuffed before dinner!! … View More


Magiritsa Greek Easter Soup

Magiritsa (Greek Easter soup) Eaten after returning home from midnight mass. It's made with ingredients from every protein source in the lamb. "You mean even the...??" Yes, even those. And it is delicious! For you Scots out there, imagine if "Haggis & Creamed Spinach & Dill Weed" had a baby. That would be Magiritsa. Pronounced… View More



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