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Wedding Cake of Corruption

My "WEDDING CAKE OF CORRUPTION" theory... All "results" that the media reports on the polls is pure distortion. Here's why: An order from the very top of the cake is given to minions in the layer directly below them. If the order is a demand to commit an action of fraud, the minion must comply. Because that minion has (in the past) already been the recipient of a favor (a plum job, a pay raise without merit, a… View More


Amerigo Bonasera and Washington DC

There are two key scenes in the Godfather which demonstrate how a corrupt system works. 1) In the opening scene of the film, Amerigo Bonasera (the local undertaker) asks Don Corleone for a favor of revenge against the thugs who raped his daughter. After pledging his loyalty to the Don, Bonasera is assured the request will be granted. As Bonasera leaves Tom Hagen gives him the ground rules for his indebtedness..."One day, and that day… View More