2016 Election Analysis

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The Man Who Accurately Read the Trump Phenomenon

To #DavidKaufman of the NY POST. Terrific appearance on Fox News this today. Your analysis of why people voted for Trump was refreshingly honest and sympathetic. You heard our voices and spoke for us. You validated our frustrations. We were not motivated by racism-and you determined this as a fact. We definitely felt left… View More


Mushier Than...

After the past week's comments by victims of Hurricane Trump, I've come to realize that... Some people's brains are mushier than it would get if you were eating a cotton-candy-flavored Dairy Queen® soft-serve ice cream sundae, under a puree of slightly over-ripe and super-sweet Chiquita® bananas, blanketed with tiny little Kraft® Jet-Puffed® miniature marshmallows, while lying in a warm bed, under a fluffy down comforter, wrapped… View More