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Most Popular Kids Show in Middle East

Q: What's the most popular kids' show in the Middle East? A: Dora the EXPLODER. … View More


Lovable Mooslums

Lovable mooslems enjoy the beauty of Paris at night. … View More


Happiest Day

Anyone who says their wedding day was the best day of their life has, obviously, never had 2 candy bars fall down at once from a vending… View More


Gay Lobby

Debate is always rigged when it comes to the corrupt bullies of the LGBT-Q-XYZ lobby. It's OK for Bruce Springsteen to "refuse to perform a concert" based upon his beliefs. But it's NOT OK for bakery owners to "refuse to bake a gay wedding cake" based upon their beliefs. … View More



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Mystery photo

If you're from Bergen County NJ (or greater NYC area), and born before 1980, you must remember this abstract mural. Do you remember the name of the establishment and its… View More


Newest Potato Chip Flavors

We all love potato chips. How about these new… View More


Rupert Pupkin President

Obama is the Rupert Pupkin president. All rehearsal, no experience. And it required a kidnapping to get him his big shot. Sandra Bernhard was the MSM. And she held Jerry Lewis (American voters)… View More