September 2016

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On the Complexities of Oliver Stone

I agree that Oliver Stone is a genius. But his oeuvre is filled with odd contradictions that oscillate between socially significant to wastefully self-indulgent. For me, Wall Street, The Doors, Any Given Sunday, Talk Radio are his best. Like most folks, I have not see all 20… View More


Big Gulp

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Why Milo is So Cool

Milo is SO FUCKING COOL!!!!!! He makes me laugh AND he's turning the world on it's ear. He flouts the insane liberal dogma and marches to his own drum. In a time when conservatives are the ONLY courageous counter-cultural voices, Milo has earned praise for being the first FLAMBOYANTLY GAY conservative. But I say he is the first FLAMBOYANTLY CONSERVATIVE gay crime fighter. He's the.... 1) Jim West… View More


The Night Before

On the evening of 9/10/2001, I was driving home to our condo in Guttenberg, NJ and the rain was literally a monsoon. Now, ever the adventurer, I'd always loved treacherous weather. I found driving through it to be a thrilling challenge; a test of skill and nerves; or just a welcomed change of pace from the mundane. And… View More


Obama's Disgusting Poem, "POP"

If you've never read Obama's poem called "Pop" you may want to drink some Pepto-Bismol beforehand. Because "Pop" is nothing but a pornographic ode to pedophilia. It describes a sexual act between a young boy and an old, fat, sweaty alcoholic man. That man is Franklin Marshall Davis (communist, pornographer, pedophile… View More


Final Scene of Godfather II

The final five minutes from The Godfather II. Not only loaded with action and conflict but the scene establishes the relationships between the four Corleone brothers and where they sit within the current pecking order. We see family emotions sway between: Tension to Promise; Rage to Joy; Fear to Hope. It is pure operatic genius. All of this packed into one amazing scene... 1) It's… View More