June 2016

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Kennedy Family Photo 1931

The Kennedy Family at Hyannis Port, 04 September 1931. L-R: Robert Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, Eunice Kennedy, Jean Kennedy (on lap of) Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy (who was pregnant with Edward "Ted" Kennedy at time of this photo), Patricia Kennedy, Kathleen Kennedy, Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. (behind) Rosemary Kennedy.… View More


WW III Scenario

Russia & the US once again unite. But not to save Europe this time around. Putin and Trump blow Isis and Iran to smithereens. Then both share in the oil of Iraq and Iran. China, also facing a Muslim problem, will provide flak and will neutralize N. Korea. In exchange we ignore the South China Sea insult. Europe will have to handle the Muslims themselves. But deport they must. Incentivizing them to self-deport is the least painful… View More